Multi Vendor Shopping Carts

Multi vendor shopping cart is the special eCommerce shopping cart software that allows to build your own marketplace like Ebay, Amazon. This marketplace lets the vendors from multiple industry industries can list their products and sell online.

If you are confused about the differences between Shopping Carts and eCommerce Stores, please check out our beginner’s guide here.

Features List

  • Vendor's Price
    Base price of the software
  • Common Marketplace
  • Vendor Control Panel
  • Vendor URL (Dedicated URL)
  • Branding of Vendor account
  • Product Sales Commission
  • Product Listing Fees
  • Bulk product upload
  • Sell Digital Goods
  • Sell Physical Goods
  • Sell Services
  • Coupon code
  • Payment method
  • Payment Gateway
  • Banner AD Campaign
  • Vendor chosen shipping
  • Vendor chosen tax
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced Products Search
  • Product Moderation
  • Product Image Watermarks
  • Product Data Feed
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation
  • Sitemaps
  • Security Level
  • Reward System
  • Translation
  • Return Requests
  • In-Built Newsletter
  • Design Mode
  • SMS Notifications
  • Proxy Connections
  • Mobile connect APP
  • Buy Together (Group Buy)
  • Price Lists
    Price Lists Creation and Export support
  • DB Backup ,Restore
  • SSL Support
  • Forum support
  • E-mail support
  • Application Type
  • Programming Language
  • Database
  • Social Logins (via FB, etc)
  • $1,450 for the multi-vendor
    Annual Fees
  • 5 Different Methods
  • 75+ Payment Gateways
  • XML and HTML
  • Very High
  • up to $19 / month
  • PHP Software
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • $495 to $3,995 (multi-vendor)
    Lifetime License
  • 6 Different Methods
  • 75+ Payment Gateways
  • XML and HTML
  • Very High
  • Wordpress Integration
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • $199 for single site, $299 for 5 sites, $499 for unlimited sites
    One Time Fees
  • Yes.Using Addon
  • 10 Different Methods
  • 180 Payment Gateways
  • XML and HTML
  • Medium
  • Yes.Using Addon
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • $349 to $999 (multi-vendor)
    One Time(Domain License)
  • 10 Different Methods
  • Upto 50 Payment Gateways
  • XML and HTML
  • High
  • PHP Software
  • Magento Extension
  • Mysql

Here is the ranking of the software (According to our benchmark) (Update –¬†July¬†2016)

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Advantage and Benefits

Site Administrator– As the administrator (owner) of this marketplace, you can make money by collect commissions from your vendors for every sale that generated through your store. You can collect either commissions as the portions (Percentage) of the product price or fixed amount per product.

Vendors (Merchants)

There are plenty of reasons why this multiple vendor marketplace is much required for vendors.

Using this marketplace directory, vendors can list their products and start making money by selling it.

Here is the reasons why these marketplace attractive to merchants

      • No need to have your own website to sell your products
      • No need to pay monthly hosting fees (You need to pay only on product sales)
      • No technical knowledge is required (The marketplace people will take in-charge of this)
      • No need to pay for credit card payment terminal and SSL certificates (The marketplace management will pays for you)

The above reasons make this marketplace business more profitable successful online startup business.

Software Working Architecture

To meet the requirements of a fully working marketplace the multi vendor software should be organized in

Two functional areas

Store Front end – Store front end is the public marketplace where the products from the multiple vendors are listed to sell.

Member Dashboard – Member dashboard it the private console area where the different members can manage their available settings and functions.

The member dashboard is divided into four sections to meet the different working requirements of the member users namely customers, vendors, affiliate, and admin users.

Customers or Buyers– These are the people who actually buy the products from the marketplace .CS-Cart offers the customer buyer dashboard where they can track their orders, compare the products, create the product wish lists, and download the digital goods and many more available functions.

Vendors– These are the people who actually sell/supply the products with the marketplace. They are also can be called as merchants, suppliers or sellers. The software offers separate control panel for every vendors to manage their products, company information, orders, sales and much more functionality available for successful products selling.

Affiliate – These are special people who promote the suppliers products with their website or somewhere else and get commissions for the same. They also have their member panel where they will generate the referral tracking code and view their affiliate sales campaigns.

Administrator or marketplace staff- These are the people who behind this marketplace who manage the overall website activity and performance. They have the separate control panel where they will configure the settings of the site, customers, products, payments and various other things.

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