Dokan Multi-vendor WordPress Plugin Review Build WordPress Marketplace Using Dokan

Review of Dokan multi-vendor WordPress plugin to build WooCommerce theme. Read the review and learn to build your own marketplace with WordPress. Before explaining everything, here is the quick review of this theme which helps for our quick readers

Please Note: There is an update to this post here, but this is still a great, informative post with some unique nuggets.


  • Front end Vendor Product Management
  • Beautiful Statistics and Report (sales, products inventory)
  • Different monetization (product listing Fees, Sales Commission…)
  • Responsive/Mobile Friendly Support
  • Lot of supported Features
  • WooCommerce (WordPress eCommerce) Based
  • Comparatively Cheaper and one-time price


Support is not up to the mark; most of the time it was said: “Office hours is closed; We will come back!”


We have reviewed more than 15 multi-vendor solutions. By far this will be the most economical multi-vendor solution. So if you are thinking to build multi-vendor using WordPress means, this will be the great solution you can find.

This plugin will be a great choice if you would like to build your marketplace with WordPress. Even if you looking multi-vendor solutions with any other solutions like CS-Cart, X-Cart, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, we highly recommend going for this plugin it's because this will be the only available mature solution (recommended for the live site) in the market. Of course, we are using the same plugin for our own marketplace (used with two or more domains) and we highly recommend this one after personally using this product.

Little introduction of  WooCommerce
WooCommerce is one of the popular e-commerce platforms builds with widely popular, open source CMS, WordPress. WooCommerce powers thousands of e-commerce website ranging from individual stores to enterprise e-commerce solutions. Being backed with WordPress, WooCommerce has a variety of advantages like easy of use, user-friendly, growing community of developers, freely available downloads (child themes, add-ons), ever growing support sources through forums, bloggers, companies, and individuals.

About Dokan

Dokan is a WordPress plugin that converts the normal eCommerce site into multi-seller (vendor/merchant) marketplace just like Amazon, eBay, Etsy… You can use the WooCommerce (free WordPress eCommerce plugin) to create the normal eCommerce first and then you can install the Dokan WordPress plugin (install as a normal plugin) to convert into the multi-seller marketplace.

dokan multi-vendor

Demo of the working Dokan WordPress Plugin WordPress Multi-Seller Marketplace Solution


Guests or visitors will see the products listing which is available for purchase

Registered users or buyers have their own or dedicated dashboard where they can find their previous orders, manage their credentials, shipping profiles,


Dashboard View of the Seller

Dashboard View of the Seller

Sellers dashboard offers variety of features such as

  • Managing products: Individual products  can be added or multiple products can be imported in bulk
  • Eye catching reports The seller dashboard designed with the eye-catching report that will be generated automatically and it provides quick clues about no of products in the inventory, the total number of orders and sales in the particular time period.
  • Coupon management: Coupons management function offers multiple features such as creating coupons, limiting the coupons usage with time (date of expiry), usage (maximum number of times can the particular coupon can be used), fixed amount or percentage discount of the coupon.
  • Managing reviews: Product reviews can be managed from the seller dashboard, any time the seller can approve, modify or delete the product reviews.
  • Managing orders: Order status can be updated like completed,in-progress,shipped
Managing products through seller dashboard

Managing products through seller dashboard


Managing orders using seller dashboard

Managing orders using seller dashboard


Managing coupons using seller coupon functions

Managing coupons using seller coupon functions

Moderating product reviews using seller functionality

Moderating product reviews using seller functionality


Separate dashboards

Each vendor has their separate dashboard where they take control of their products and other settings, which makes the job easier for the administrator.

Assigning seller commission percentage by the Administrator

Assigning seller commission percentage by the Administrator

Different monetization possible: As an administrator, you can have a flexible way of monetizing your service, you can collect a certain percentage of the sold product price, or you can charge the membership fees from the buyer.

Individual stores: Each seller have their own store assigned with separate store URLS that will help the vendors to maintain their privacy with other stores. The sellers can customize the look and feel (logo, color scheme, images) of their stores to match with their own branding.

Product Moderation: Every time the product is added by the seller, it will come for the administrator moderation, upon approval only, the products will be published and listed on the marketplace. This will helps to stay away from the spam content (porn, copyright violated materials) spread with the marketplace.

But not all the time, you can just verify the products, especially when if the store grows with the time then the moderation became a tedious job, for this, without the theme offers the function to publish the products from the particular without moderation. By making the particular product as “Trusted Seller,” you can make them publish their products without undergoing moderation queue.

Payment Methods

Dokan includes many payment gateways including Stripe,, BrainTree, Elavon, Worldpay, eWay, FirstData, GoeMerchant, Sagepay and others.


The theme comes with 3 pricing modules, according to the number of domains the software can be used.

  1. Single site license: $199
  2. 5 Sites license: $299
  3. Unlimited site license: $499 (To use with unlimited domains)

All this plans comes with one year free updates and support through their official forum.

Website: Dokan Theme Website



  1. prashant says:

    Firstly I want to congratulate that you buy this theme. Dokan is one of best theme I ever seeen. I think this is first theme which include that much of functionaliy at one place.
    I am wordpress theme/plugin develooper. Currently I am creating wordpress marketplace plugin. I know this plugin is controll by license and I believe that developer obfuscated it and make provision so he can control theme behavior from his remote server.
    If it is possible please provide me this theme. I am interested to know how developer create the functionalities. Instead of this I will provide you my services in very cheap price.

  2. Julie Mol says:

    Dear sir, madam,

    I was wondering whether this theme/plugin is compatible with my Enfinity wordpress theme? Can I consider this theme to be a plugin, or is it a theme and does it overrule my current look and feel of my website?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    Best regards,

    Julie Mol

    • Junie Pigeon says:

      We have tested theme with lot of popular free and some paid themes and it working well.If you want this plugin tested with your theme,please send us the copy of the theme to “inventran [at} ” and we will review this and let me know the feedback on the blog post.

    • Definitely you can. You can just create a child theme and it’ll have all the features of the parent theme. Even if you update the main theme, your child theme will not be updated and all of your codes will still be there. Read more here

  3. Hello,
    Awesome review. I also discovered Dokan a few days ago, searching for a marketplace solution that seems complete and still not very expensive.
    Dokan seems feature-packed and very pretty.

    I noticed you said that products can be imported in bulk. That is a feature I need. But I can’t seem to be able to do that as a vendor in their demo… Is this in a feature added in a newer release than the one used to set up the demo?

    Thank you,

    • Junie Pigeon says:

      The feature is available in the “Catalog” mode.You can double check this by logging in by as a “General vendor” in the demo of the website.

      • Thank you for the reply!
        So by “General Vendor” you mean I should register as a vendor on the demo site? I did that right now, created a seller account but unfortunately I can’t seem to find a “Catalog” mode or the option to bulk import products.

        • Junie Pigeon says:

          Thanks for dropping the line.We will communicate with the Dokan support team and let you know the feedback.

  4. Is it possible to have a french version…

    • Junie Pigeon says:

      This theme comes with language translation/localisation support
      For this you have to edit dokan.pot file to make it converted in to have French version.

  5. Hello:
    Great site you have. I’d like to ask about the set up that you mentioned on top, to clarify on how to get started.
    1 – Option 1: Select a WP theme, install a woocommerce plug-in, get a Dokan package which is a child theme or is a plug-in. Is that all?
    2 – Option 2: Select a woocommerce WP theme and get a Dokan package which is a child theme Is that all?
    3 – Do you happen to know if WeDevs has a list of sites already up and running that showcase this product? How many sales have they done?

    • Junie Pigeon says:

      Hi Peter:
      First of all Dokan is the woocommerce based turnkey theme(Theme having build in functions to achieve/do certain tasks,in this case ,it provide multi vendor solutions).So you have to install the woocommerce plugin in the WordPress base and install the Dokan theme as a normal/standard WordPress theme(The theme resides on default directory of WordPress themes not in Woocommerce) .I hope this will answer your first two questions.

      Personally we have tested this theme and its working great.But i couldn’t provide about their sales data as it was belongs to their inventory but using my best guess they may have sold more than 1500+ copies, in this year alone.

  6. Hi,
    I am struggling with enabling users / sellers to signup from the homepage of my site. The links appear to just link back to the home page.
    I have woocommerce installed, and have checked the setting I think I need to, but I am stuck.
    Do you know what's going wrong please?

    • Junie Pigeon says:

      Do you have enabled the correct Dokan widget to be displayed on the home page?Or using the signup form link?Can you provide your website so that i can take a look and provide a solutions.Thanks!

  7. I am very impressed with Dokan’s feature set. I’ve compared it to WooThemes’ Product Vendors, IgniteWoo’s Vendors Stores, Marketify, Walleto, etc. and Dokan seems to have just a few more nicer features.

    My question is if I need additional customization, is the developer available to work on my project? I am in the photo printing business offering custom products, like mugs, t-shirts, etc. My products are based on existing images in the gallery. I would like for Buyers to be able to upload their own images and order the various products with their own custom images.

    So in addition to having a great feature set, I am also considering how easy it would be to customize the marketplace to fit my additional needs. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Junie Pigeon says:

      Fidel Guajardo,Thanks for dropping the line.Un-like the other solutions which you have mentioned ,Dokan team can provide in-depth support than the competitors and the reasons as follows.

      The other competitors you have mentioned are product level companies ,that means they focusses only on new product releases and updating the existing ones but not with offering any customization of client requirements.

      But in Dokan,they offer both product and services to clients, which means you will not only get support for the product you buy ,but you can also utilize their product customization services(plugin customization according to your own needs).So feel free to contact their support team about your requirements and do provide your valuable feedback about their services which helps our fellow readers.

      • Hi Junie,

        I’m actually even more impressed with your quick response on these threads. I notice it only takes you a couple of days to respond and that’s really impressive. Anyway, thank you so much for answering my question and giving me something to think about. I will be giving Dokan some serious consideration in the next few days.

        My followup question is: Do you know of any live or demo sites who use Dokan that I can take a look at on my smartphone? I notice the demo available on the Dokan site ( has a really bad Dashboard with a dark gray background. On my smartphone (Android) the black text on the gray background is totally illegible. Is the Dashboard CSS adjustable so I can take away this terrible dark gray background? Thank you!

        • Junie Pigeon says:

          Hi Fidel Guajardo:
          We have conducted testing by inspecting their demo site and also with our site( we have personally bought the software and tested with our domains(couple of domains which hosted on different configurations(Hostgator shared hosting and also with Rackspace dedicated servers) ).

          We have tested the theme against the layout viewing and it seems working fine for various mobile phones.As you have mentioned,you are using the Android phone,i have just tested layout once again in my Android mobile and its seems working fine .

          And of-course you can edit the CSS to customize the colour scheme of the every element.Thanking you.

          • Hi Junie,

            I was wondering if I could take a look at your site where you are running Dokan? I am trying to evaluate it before buying. Also, have you ever seen those beautiful graphs within the Dashboard? They show graphs on the feature descriptions on their site but I don’t see the graphs anywhere within their Demo when I log in with their demo/demo credentials. I’m just being a bit cautious before buying because there are so many scams out there. Thanks.

          • Junie Pigeon says:

            Hi Fidel Guajardo:
            We will change the themes and plugins forth and back to test the performance, and the content will not available after the testing.Any way, i will install a dedicated demo for Dokan in our site and let you know.

  8. Hi. I sent you an email yesterday. Did you receive?

    i use room09 theme.

    i wanted to know if it is compatible with Dokan.

    I wish Dokan was a plugin, not a theme. That limits a lot of my options…

    I’m eargerly waiting for your reply.


    • Junie Pigeon says:

      Hi Greg:
      First of all Dokan is a theme not a WordPress plugin.
      The theme you have mentioned (room09 theme) is a just a Woocommerce powered wordpress theme and it doesn’t comes with the multi vendor features.
      As the theme is not build for multi vendor features,it won’t support any kind of multi vendor capabilities .It will become a huge task,if you try to build a multi vendor feature from a normal woocommerce theme and the room09 theme have no exception.
      Even if you have a wordpress plugin comes with the multi vendor solution ,the room09 theme won’t support the multi vendor features.Its because the theme doesn’t have the necessary front end controls,functions, User Interface(menus,controls,links,texts) which are needed to support multi vendor requirements.

      Here Dokan theme comes for the help and its build exclusively for the multi vendor purpose.
      For any reason if you are not satisfy the current design of the Dokan theme means,you can try
      Dokan child themes for Dokan(parent theme) to make your site look better,you can also use their theme customization services.
      Have a look in it and let me know your feedback(which is more important).Thanks

      • Hi Junie.

        I really, really appreciate your response. But some things you said isn’t quite accurate.

        “Even if you have a wordpress plugin comes with the multi vendor solution ,the room09 theme won’t support the multi vendor features. it won’t support any kind of multi vendor capabilities.”

        I used mgates vendor plugin and it is totally compatible with Room09. The problem is that Dokan has a lot more features, and i want that.

        Woothemes has a vendor plugin that works too, but it has the same feature lacking problem.

        This Dokan features would be totally compatible if it was designed to be that way. If Dokan was a plugin, it could add this features to the theme, since they all are based on woocommerce and wordpress. Actually, Wedev said they are working on this, but didn’t promise anything done before December.

        I think Dokan has great features as a multivendor solution, but as a theme, it isn’t beautiful. Nor is the Child available on wedev.

        I still can’t make a decision…

        Going with Dokan theme and make several ajustments to adapt my current theme to it (will cost a lot of time and/or $$), wait for Dokan plugin or use other multivendor plugin…

        Many Thanks for your Reply Junie

        • Junie Pigeon says:

          Hi Greg:
          First of all ,in mgates vendor plugin ,there is no front end control for vendors to do merchant specific operations(adding,managing products,sales,transactions).And it using the traditional WordPress Backend Dashboard as vendor dashboard which is seems to be biggest dis-advantage of this plugin.As it depends upon traditional backend ,any Woocommerce theme can support this solution ,its because it is not a WordPress multi vendor solution but it just offer permission to a user who have privilege to submit product requests(Not act,no wonder it also supports mgates plugin

          So be clear,mgates plugin is not a complete,even a partial multi vendor solution(Possibly we will write the review soon) and room09 won’t comes with any multi vendor supporting capabilities.

          If you are not pleased with the current design of the Dokan theme,you can go over e-shopper(Dokan child theme) which more appealing than the previous one.

          E-Shopper-Dokan Child Theme

          Thanks for your feedback!

          • What you said is all true. But i was managing to use mgates on frontend using wp user frontend from wedev. But that’s made for post, not products. I got stucked in the variable product. It is just impossible this way.

            But that is just to point out that it is possible what i am saying.

            i checked the e-shopper child, still it isn’t a beautiful theme…

            thanks, i decided to merge dokan and room09. got a lot of job to do…

          • Junie Pigeon says:

            Best of luck Greg.Hope that,you will complete this work soon.

  9. Hi,

    does the theme provide some theme options (color, font, layout, etc.) or do i have to edit everything in html / css?


    • Junie Pigeon says:

      Hi sawan:

      You can modify almost every section’s color of Dokan such as Backgroud Color, Link, Link Hover, Header Background, Navigation Background, Navigation Link, Navigation Link Hover, Footer Background, Copy Container Background, Footer text, Sidebar widget header, Footer widget header, Footer widget link, Footer widget link hover etc.. right from the Dashboard(Using Theme options-No need to edit the HTML code)

      To do this navigate to WP-Admin->Appearance->Customize

      Then Colors and choose which color you want to adjust!

  10. Hi Junie,

    So far it looks great to me. I am just wondering how many layers of products filtering do you have? Megamenu.
    So far I saw
    ” Product > Subproduct > Sub Subproduct > How many more?

    2ndly Do you offer price filtering for consumers and possibly escrow payment?

    2ndly I would like to know you provide the following

  11. Is Dokan compatible with plugin that gives the “Compare/Wishlist/Share” Option?

  12. Also do you have a limit on the number of categories of filtering?

    How many layer of filtering do you have? Because I may have up to 20 subcategories under 1 category and I really hope this can be supported.

  13. Hi Junie, am I right to think I need to buy the dokan theme plus the woocommerce plugin to get started? What is the difference between the woocommerce theme and the Dokan theme? And to have 1 store where lots of vendors can have there own page but be 1 store for buyers, do I just need the singel site pakkage? Thanks for your help Junie

  14. Chirag Khurana says:


    Few Questions:

    1. For the new version update, do we have to pay for it everytime we need a upgrade?

    2. Do we have to install it on every system or its cloud based?If yes, What if my system crashes.

    3. Can you give some examples of sites which are running on this platfrom.

    4. So you are saying, we just have to pay for the dokan plugin for one year and rest all is free except themes.

    Chirag Khurana

  15. Oladipo Ademola Esq says:

    Woocommerce plugin is free. I think the single site package is all you need.

  16. when i tested, order and report in seller dashboard cannot work. No data process even there was an order.

    • Junie Pigeon says:

      I have tested plugin/theme and i never came across such issue.
      Where you have tested with?In your own website or dokan demo site?Can you share the screenshots so that we look into this

  17. I’ve pretty much narrowed down my choices for a multi-vendor cart to IXXO , Prestashop Marketplace Advanced and Dokan.

    I’ve seen your reviews but Prestashop and IXXO are not reviewed. What do you think of these two other solutions and which one is the more complete option between these three?

    • Junie Pigeon says:

      We already reviewed the IXXO plugin and you can read from here
      Their software is real mess comes with lot of encryption and backdoor verifications makes your site run slow and makes further customization almost impossible

      One such example i can provide ,how the IXXO cart people are rude is,they have threaten us to remove their product review from their website by sending a court notice.So that we have changed the review post name and of-course so that you can’t locate the particular review by yourself with our website.
      You can find their product review here
      IXXO Cart review

      Like IXXO Cart,the webkul services are found to be horrible.I have received couple of mail from the users of the service reported that,the product is comes with lot of bugs and the support team not even answering the bug resolving questions.But they are not much rude like IXXO(We have reviewed their Magento solutions here,but not prestashop but as from the service point of view,what i recommend is to stay out of their products)
      Webkul Magento Marketplace Review

      unfortunately we are receiving the reports from our readers about the previously reviewed products and we keep on notifying other readers about this one.Various products are withdrawn from the recommended list due to the horror support stories from our readers.

      By our we recommend you the following
      DokanSo far no issues ,comes with lot of options and recommended for live ecommerce portals(we have personally tested the latest plugin,may be in couple of days,we will release a tutorial of Dokan plugin walk-through)
      Cs-Cart-If you have no issues of paying huge money then go with it!
      We recommend you to stay tune with our Multi vendor review page or subscribe our newsletter for updated list and industry news updates

  18. I have tested plugin/theme and i never came across such issue.
    Where you have tested with?In your own website or dokan demo site?Can you share the screenshots so that we look into this – See more at:

  19. Hi Junie – why do I need a Dokan multivendor plugin when WooCommerce has one of their own?

    As seen here:

    Is one better than another or more complete?

  20. Hi Michael:
    The main difference is ,Dokan is a turnkey solution(Just install and it will be ready in minutes) But where as with the Product vendors you have to make lot of tweaks and customizations to develop the functionality and design which needed for a marketplace.And of-course product vendors lacks a full front end control for vendors and branding where as Dokan leads a mile away from the competitors.As you have told,Dokan is a complete solution,and its production ready!

  21. Hi Junie. I'm looking to purchase the Dokan theme. Just one question.. Can I disable the vendor social profile, phone number, email, address, and map fields so that it is not visible to users/customer of my site. I still want to collect this information from vendors, but only want the vendor store name, profile picture and banner to be visible to users.

  22. @ Yes.You can still collect the vendor's social links and hide this from display by removing two or more lines in the store header file(Dokan plugin file).

  23. Hi,

    Great review, many thanks for your time and effort.

    I have a few questions on the Dokan theme:

    – As an admin, do I have the option to set a fee and also differentiate between standard and featured product listings?

    – Is there any auto-email options when people, list a product, buy an item, create an account, delete an listing, delete an account etc? Or would this have to be managed via Mailchimp or some other integrated app?

    – Does the theme have a blog option?

    – Does the theme have social media integration (e.g. like and share buttons)?

    Your answers will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!

    • Junie Pigeon says:

      Hi Ela:
      Thanks for dropping the line.Here is the answer for your questions

      First of all,Dokan now available as a plugin(Previously Theme).So now you can choose any woocommerce theme to integrate the marketplace feature(Using Dokan plugin) with WordPress.

      Q: As an admin, do I have the option to set a fee and also differentiate between standard and featured product listings?
      A: Yes.You can make a particular product as a featured product(Featured on Home page of the marketplace).But you have to collect the money using a manual purchase link.You can create virtual product with woocommerce and make your customers buy the service.

      Q: Is there any auto-email options when people, list a product, buy an item, create an account, delete an listing, delete an account etc? Or would this have to be managed via Mailchimp or some other integrated app

      A: Yes.You can do this by altering the email template contents in the “Woocommerce” settings option(Settings->Emails).

      Q: Does the theme have a blog option?
      A: Yes.You can set a particular category(or categories) of posts fall into the Blog posts terms and make them available in the Blog section.Now a days most of the themes comes with this feature.You have to refer your theme’s options panel to set this option.

      Q:Does the theme have social media integration (e.g. like and share buttons)?
      A: Most of the themes comes with this option and i hope your favourite theme comes options too.If not you can use any of the social sharing plugins(There are lot of plugins available for this) like sharethis,Addthis …

      If you have any other questions?Let us know.

  24. I found Dokan to be almost perfect except for one thing, the way it handles taxes. The vendor does not have the option to set tax rates. Woocommerce is not built with multi vendor stores in mind so does not allow for it at a core level. The tax issue needs to be addressed for this plugin to be seriously considered.

  25. Hello Junie, I am trying to have my word press e-commerce web site with the function where sellers are able to list their items from there sellers dashboard but cant seem to be able to figure out how this page works properly. Please advise.

  26. hi

    I would like to ask you some questions
    Can I make registration after the approval of Adaminestrator?
    Can I determine the annual subscription?
    Is there a "gold, platinum group, Silver"?
    Can you determine the number of ads by groups "gold, platinum, silver"?
    Can I add the region to the seller city, state, country, and add in the search.
    You could make it a multi-language (Arabic from right to left + English from left to right)?

    How much the total cost with the addition of these requests?

  27. Can you please tell me all the benefits pro version offers over lite version ,please.

  28. Hello, I like the dokan theme but i want to add custom field to the registration form. Any Idea please.

  29. I see you have not had any forum posts since May 2014. Is Dukan still in business, and if so, what are the updates to the software since May 2014?

  30. Is there any plugin compatible with Dokan who can give question & answer facility to buyers to ask directly to sellers ? Also is there seller feedback for buyers ?

  31. hi
    does dokan have a RMA feature? if not do you know a RMA plugin that will work with dokan?

  32. BigBankClub says:

    Bought it and loved it.

    Until I learned the Vendors do not get a notification with the variations. So if your site is using variations, meaning a product can be ordered in different colors, size or what ever variation you choose. The vendor will be clueless. They will have to contact the Admin or log into the back-end.

    The plus is the vendor dashboard, very sleek and well done. But the variations missing from the notification email sinks any of my projects using this plugin.

    Very disappointed .

  33. Hi,

    After login, when i click to add new product button and want to add new product using dokan lite then in the form i just want to add some custom filed like phone, address etc, even i have added these field in new-product.php but these field are not saving in database where i have added two more column in posts table of wordpress, my main issue is that i just want to save data in database. please reply me on my email id

    Many Thanks !

  34. Hey folks

    I am wondering about two things here:
    1. Can you translate the theme into danish?
    2. Can you add the feature of paying with debit cards like Mastercard or Visa, or is it already in it?

  35. I have two questions about this:
    1. Is it possible to translate the site to danish.
    2. Can you add the feature of paying with debit card on the site.

  36. we got dokan for developing our site for retail and wholesale options , but unfortunately our project would be failed because of Dokan.
    when taking about multi vendore site , it would be have clear features, like capability to adding custom fields or using form builder to customize or creating new forms to support of process , but it just used from fixed fields and its not possible to customize it , for example we are going to have custom forms for registration depends on whole seller or retail and so on and after contact to your support team , as easily said that its not possible .
    i asked you consider about it because without like these features , Dokan would be useful for small business , and it’s better to clarify to your product features description ,till csutomer provide better solution . we are interested to provide form builder for dokan and if we have to pay cost let me know to discuss about it .
    Best Regards

  37. Can dokan work well with this?
    I like the way ths theme lays out all the vendors, how will using dokan differ with this design????

  38. What happen if I insert multiple products from multiple vendors in the cart? We all know that woocommerce is not managing yet the dropshipping.
    Dokan allow to make multiple orders? If yes, how it is managing them?

  39. Hello All,
    Dokan is now a plugin and can be used with any WooCommerce compatible theme. If you have any question, feel free to reply to my comment 🙂

    • Hello, I am looking for a Multivendor solution like dokan, and every time i try to make a comparison i see your plugin, it has a good reputation as far as i find, how ever, I am planning to run my website in Arabic/English language, so I am wondering if that possible!

      • Further more, I noticed that the plugin dosnt support the compare products option, so correct me if I’m wrong, and if this true, is there any plugin to provide this functionality!!

      • Sekander says:

        Hello Ehab,

        You can use Dokan in any language you want. It is already translated in 18 languages. You can download the Arabic translation from here

        We offer free installation. Let us know if you need any help via our contact form.

  40. Can anyone please tell me the fees to new the licence after one year? And what are the charges to get support after one year?

    • administrator says:

      This is direct from the Dokan site “You pay once and you can have the plugin working for you forever! We will provide you support and update for 1 year with each license. If you do not renew your license, only the update will not be available and you will not be able to post on the support forum. The plugin will work fine after license expiration. But it is recommended to have a valid license and keep your plugin updated for security and compatibility.”

      • administrator says:

        To continue support after a year is up, you will need to purchase additional licenses. $199 for a single site, $299 for 5 sites, and $499 for unlimited sites.


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