Important Features of Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website that Attract More Sellers

The success of any multi vendor marketplace is what happens with sellers participation. A good marketplace software will attract and keep the seller in the marketplace, and should result in more sales and re-participation. Below we have noted some of the more important features required by the multi-vendor eCommerce website that attract more sellers.


Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website that Attract More Sellers

To attract sellers, your multi-vendor store must have the following characteristics:

Security platform: Secure guarantee trusts of sellers on its web site. To accomplish this, you must:

  • Avoid the use of open source platforms
  • Add layers of protection, like an SSL certificate. Norton Symantec tends to converts more.
  • Have partially encrypted code to save from piracy

Multi-vendor traders control: must have the same control to manage your business. They should be given control over price, time of delivery, shipping, and other details. To this end, a multi-vendor eCommerce system should offer

Control to manage the individual inventory
Automatic splitting of orders and payment to the respective accounts of seller
Control over the content updates related to the exchange of products, cod, discounts and shipping etc.

E-commerce multi-vendor tasking: automated involves many tasks that can wear out by customers if done manually, such as the classification of the products or to calculate the cost of shipping. Therefore, you need technology that can automate these tasks. It should be:

  • Real-time calculation of the costs of shipping, sales, or any other tax information.
  • The automatic consolidation of sales data on the Board of the supplier after each new order placed by customers.

Reporting: Hardy with all the data and graphics generated on the back end, providers can evaluate their sales trends and promote their businesses as a result. Therefore, a robust information system is the need that can not miss meet.

Instant track of sales and abandoned carts

  • Data related to selling more expensive products
  • Information that helps make predictions as last 5 orders, the best elements of search, etc.

SEO: it is important to be visible to the search engine of Google so that no sales fall due to the low visibility or poor presence on the web. A SEO CMS makes product pages crawl-able and receive more traffic. It's:

  1. Optimized title tags, Meta Description and images.
  2. Structure of well organized content that can be easily edited
  3. Automatic generation of .xml sitemap

A platform from multiple vendors with all these features acts as a solution to e-commerce easy for retailers who want to find a store that is readily available to sell their products. The best choice is to invest, since it saves them the cost and pain of developing a new store. However, to make sure that you have chosen more than other owners of multiple suppliers, it is necessary to provide the functionality they seek.

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