Review of Fortune3 Hosted Online Store and eCommerce Shopping Cart

Fortune3 is a hosted online store and e-commerce shopping cart that has been in business for around 15 years. It comes with an extensive set of features along with tight security and a 99.9% uptime at a reasonable price to effectively build, manage and market your e-commerce website. Before getting into the details, let’s take a brief look at its pros and cons.


Fortune3 Review


  • WYSIWYG editing
  • Customizable Storefront
  • A host of integrations
  • Multiple Payment methods
  • Real-time shipping fee calculations
  • Full SEO and marketing tools
  • Various forms of customer support


  • The themes are a bit outdated
  • Cumbersome admin panel. Not quite user-friendly
  • Limited number of products except on the expensive Unlimited Plan




With Fortune 3, you can create fully customizable web page design without any knowledge of HTML. The design wizard allows you to completely redesign the look, feel, and operation of your online store to fit your company's needs. It gives you the ability to add multiple images to each product. Simply insert the large version of your images to the wizard, and it will also generate high-quality thumbnails for you. Three cool and distinct image zoom types, Magic Zoom, Center Zoom, and Lightbox are also available. Plus, over 40 dynamic, well-designed eCommerce templates are available that are fully customizable.

Moreover, the buttons on your site can be changed to a large variety of button templates. These button templates include various colors and design styles. Additionally, you can download these buttons to modify them yourself to create your own completely customized button theme.

All graphics, images, buttons, and template designs are compatible with the major graphics programs available, such as Fireworks and Photoshop. In short, between the customizable templates, standalone pages, cart templates, buttons, fonts, and integrated pages, your eCommerce store can be displayed in any way you wish.

Product Setup


With Fotune3, editing your products is very simple and efficient with the visual “Product Tree” structure which allows for easy visualization and organization using copying & pasting/dragging & dropping options. Moreover, the “Bulk Changes” tool lets you quickly make mass changes to your categories, products, or options in bulk. You can update prices or description fields, and can also use conditions to make the changes only affect certain items based on certain criteria and can see these changes happening in real time with WYSIWYG HTML Editor.

Fortune3 also offers Editable category & product templates free of cost. You can modify any of these “Cart Templates” to fit the look of your eCommerce store and shopping cart website. You can also create “Custom Fields” for your products to include additional information which may be product specific, such as technical specifications, or for a more organized description.

Custom Product Ordering System

With custom product ordering system, you can offer unlimited options to your customers when ordering their products like item upgrades, color/size selection, add components, parts, accessories, add-ons, etc. Options are fully flexible, allowing you to alter the price of the product and shipping dimensions/weight. You can also display separate images for your options by assigning images to options and choose to replace the product's main image for the selected option's image.

Customer Specific Prices

With Fortune3, you can deal with your customers in many interactive ways like giving wholesale prices to certain customers through a custom price list, or by placing them on one of the six preset price levels that you can define for each product.

Customer Reviews

You can also make your products available for customer reviews for other customers to see, including a review of the entire site. Each review can be approved or declined.

Advanced Search Feature

With the Advanced Search Feature, customers can search for your products with a highly customizable search page, allowing you to add filters, select which fields you would like to search through, and sorting options.

Promo Codes (Coupons)

You can use the promo codes feature to set up promo codes to give discounts on certain products, shipping methods, or entire orders, and can be based on a percentage discount or flat discount amount. Customers can enter a code to redeem during their checkout and receive a discount.

Up selling / cross-selling

Using the Cross selling feature, you can increase your sales by showing your clients other products that are related, or even competitive to the current product. You can also set up recommended products that receive discounts based on other products purchased or you can also set a buy one get one free offer using this feature.

Easy Data Import/Export

With Fortune3, you can easily import your products, categories, and options directly from your spreadsheet or any third party accounting software like QuickBooks into the Fortune3™ Wizard for easier and faster integration and product insertion or updates. Similarly, you can quickly export your entire product line to a spreadsheet for faster mass price changes and modifications or use with other applications.

Inventory Tracking

Fortune3’s back-end Inventory Tracking System allows you to track and manage your inventory fully. Inventory can be tracked for products and options as well. You can choose whether you want to allow for backorders to be placed or not if an item is out of stock, or choose to remove the sold-out item from the store. You’ll also get automatic notifications for low-inventory based on any quantity level you want.

Limitless Discount Options

Fortune3 offers limitless product pricing configurations. You can create discounts by quantity, category discounts, buy one and get another at a discounted percentage, or buy two of the same product and get the second discounted by a percentage. Other types of discounts available include cross-selling discounts (buy product X and receive 15% off product Y), wholesale discounts, and promo code discounts (coupons).

Editable Checkout

Fortune3 gives you the ability to give your clients a checkout process that best fits their needs. You can allow them to check out using a quick and organized 1-page checkout, or a more systematic 3-page checkout. You can also add custom checkout fields and customize your login and account registration options and requirements.

Language Translation

Quickly configure your site to utilize Google's Translation system making it simple for your visitors to translate your site's text into any language you choose to make available for translation.

Features for shipping

Fortune3 offers various features for shipping thus enabling you to provide your customers with quick and precise shipping quotes which are acquired automatically and directly through the main shipping carriers. Integration with shipping carriers like UPS ®, FedEx ®, USPS ®, DHL ® and more post shipping rates live on your online store's checkout. You can choose which carriers and methods you use to ship your products. Your customers can then choose the shipping method of their choice from available options during the checkout process. You can also create custom tables and define your custom shipping costs by total weight, subtotal amount, or order qty. Custom shipping methods can be added by state, by country, or by zipping / postal code.

Shipping consolidation

This automated system consolidates your shipments based on box sizes you choose, along with the dimensions and weight of each product being shipped. The box consolidation will fit several products up to 90% capacity (10% for packing materials) into the smallest possible box you have supplied, to mimic your actual packaging.

Analytics and Reports

With Fortune3, you can quickly generate and export sales reports to CSV, XLS, or HTML or generate completely customized reports for your orders and customers by editing the fields on your reports, add filters, and much more.

With the Admin Dashboard, you can see critical sales data and statistics in a graphical format. You can view your lifetime times or choose a date range and view sales by income or by a number of orders. View charts and line graphs of your order history, top sellers, and top payment methods. You can also create fast and easy reports to see what products have sold the most and in what quantities.

Mobile eCommerce Apps

Manage your orders and customers with the Fortune3 Mobile Apps (available for iPhone). These Apps can be used to view, manage & update orders, view order reports, search for orders, view customers, search for customers, and contact customers with the touch of your finger.

Abandoned Carts Recovery

You can see a full report containing all information for your abandoned carts and unfinished orders, including the customer's information and items added to the cart. You can also set up automated emails to go out to customers with an abandoned cart to entice them to complete their order.

You can also set up automated customized emails to send to your shoppers after completing their order or after the order has been shipped and ask customers to review your store and products and capitalize on the known benefits of having great customer reviews.

Search Engine Optimization 

Fortune3 offers some of the best features for the SEO of your online stores such as automated creation of Keywords and Meta tags on all Product and Category Web pages, Optimized HTML code & navigational breadcrumbs, Google XML Sitemap Generator and free submission to all major search engines giving your products and site a better Search Engine visibility.

Moreover, custom SEO Packages are also available. You can give the SEO task of your store in the hands of the expert marketing team of fortune3 to manually optimize your site for higher search engine placement at affordable rates.

Automated Affiliate Program

This feature allows you to bring more traffic to your site by setting up your Affiliate Program. When activated, potential affiliates can fill out an application for your Affiliate Program to receive commissions via “Pay Per Click” or “Pay Per Conversion.” “Pay Per Conversion” can be configured as a set dollar amount, or by a percentage of the overall invoice amount.


Fortune3 is already integrated with over 50 of the world's leading payment processors, including and First Data. If you already have an account with any of these processors, they’ll integrate it into your Fortune3 Online Store. Fortune3 also offers new processor integrations for an additional cost of $399.95.

If your company does not have an Online Payment Processor, you can manually process your payments on your in-store credit card machine.

Multiple Currencies

With Fortune3, you can configure your site to allow your visitors to view your prices in their currency by using our currency conversion tool. The currency converter uses a prominent exchange-rates database that is constantly updated with the latest exchange rates.


Fortune3 guarantees a 100% PCI Compliant Hosting Environment with 99.9% uptime for your site. Other features include Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space, a 256-bit SSL certificate, unlimited E-mail Accounts, Built-in Web-based FTP, Unlimited Domains / Sub-Domains, Advanced DNS Manager and more.

Fortune3 also guarantees to keeps all your customer and order data securely backed up at several data center locations.


Following pricing plans are offered by Fortune3

  • Starter – $9.95/month
  • Basic – $24.95/month
  • Silver – $39.95/month
  • Gold – $69.95/month
  • Platinum – $99.95/month
  • Unlimited – $159.95/month

All the pricing plans offer almost the same set of features except the number of products. There is a $50 setup fee for both platinum and unlimited plan while the rest of the plans have no setup fee. Fortune3 also claims to offers a 0% Transaction fee across all its plans. However, this is only applicable if you use Fortune3’s merchant account. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay 1% fee on every transaction along with a monthly fee.


Fortune3 is loaded with tons of features and offers a consistent support.  It has several elements of SEO and Internet marketing that you could benefit from. However, it’ll take some time to get used to their dated themes and strange admin panel as the user interface is not much intuitive. If you can settle for the limited number of products on your store, we recommend trying their 30 Day free trial.


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  2. […] Rank #8 Fortune3: Fortune3 is a hosted online store and e-commerce shopping cart that has been in business for around 15 years. It comes with an extensive set of features along with tight security and a 99.9% uptime at a reasonable price to effectively build, manage and market your e-commerce website. Before getting into the details, let’s take a brief look at its pros and cons. (Full article here) […]

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