Review of Volusion Online eCommerce Store and Shopping Cart Software

Volusion is one of the larger e-commerce online store builders that allow you to start selling your products without being a technical geek at all. Building a website with Volusion eCommerce is quite intuitive and straightforward as it is a powerful e-commerce software with fantastic marketing capabilities. In this Volusion review, we will dive into Volusion’s online store system and evaluate its features and functionalities.

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Volusion offers a set of high-quality free and premium design features. You can customize any theme to meet your needs or you can hire their expert design team to build a custom website for your brand. With the intuitive Easy Editor tool, you can make design or content changes to your website on the fly without any backend coding. But if you are a tech geek, Volusion gives you full access to the HTML and CSS files of your e-commerce website so you can create the site design of your liking. The Built-in promotional tools allow you to showcase your brand and highlight popular products directly on your homepage. With the free slideshow feature, you can highlight top discounts and best-selling products directly on your homepage.

You can guide your customers through your online store with a variety of navigation styles designed to help shoppers quickly locate products. The user-friendly one-page checkout tool and the ability to create custom checkout fields converts your shoppers into buyers.

Mobile Compatibility

From mobile commerce to a full mobile store design, Volusion provides the flexibility to tailor your customer experience to best fit your needs. The responsive themes offered by volusion are fully compatible with any device from homepage to checkout. With shoppers accessing your store from smartphones, tablets, and desktops, you can rest assured that your site will look flawless on any device.

The interactive and user-friendly iOS, Android and smartwatch apps make it easier to manage your store on-the-go. You can process orders, view real-time sales results, add/edit products and even contact customers with mobile and smartwatch apps.

Flexible Store Management

With Volusion e-commerce, it is very to create detailed product listings with images, videos and more. From innovative vZoom tools to integrated lightbox viewers to the color swatch feature, you’ll be able to merchandise your products quite well. You can add unlimited photos and videos to showcase all the colors, sizes, and textures available for an item. You can also create categories and merchandise your products with just a few clicks. Overall, the product management is quite easy given the sophisticated tools such as pricing controls, stock counts, multiple sizes and colors and much more.

The inventory management is also quite easy and can be done by simply entering your product count and the built in tools will precisely monitor your inventory levels and will even provide alerts when you're running low.

Processing orders are easy as well and can be done from your home, office, mobile phone or smartwatch. You can quickly review details, process orders in bulk and handle returns through your admin panel.

Features for Marketing and Promotions

Volusion offers a variety of resources designed to help you market your online store. Built-in marketing, social media, and SEO tools let you promote your business and drive more customers to your store. You can optimize your content, post to social networks, send emails and create daily deals, all from inside your admin dashboard.

  • Sell on Facebook, Amazon & Ebay

Not only can you effectively sell through your own online store, Volusion offers you the opportunity to reach more shoppers by selling directly on major channels like Facebook, Amazon, and eBay. All of these outlets are seamlessly synced with your Volusion store.  You can create messages that are automatically posted to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can add links to products and categories and submit content to both websites with one click. Your customers can also share products from your e-commerce site with their social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

  • Customer Ratings and Reviews

Customer ratings and reviews make a big impact on purchase decisions. The customer rating and review feature helps your customers drive more sales to your store. You can easily encourage shoppers to leave favorable reviews for your products, add star ratings and you can even delete inappropriate reviews with a couple of clicks.

  • Daily Deals and Discount Coupons

With the coupon and discount features, you can create enticing deals that positively impact your sales outcome. You can allow shoppers to purchase gift cards and offer coupon codes that allow for a customizable percentage or dollar amount off the purchase price. You can also create a Deal of the Day to keep customers coming back for more.

  • E-mail Marketing

The built in email marketing suite allows you to reach customers in their inbox by sending personalized emails and newsletters. You can promote new products, offer exclusive discounts and share important company updates to your customers, which helps drive repeat purchases and loyalty. You can also identify shoppers who left items in their shopping cart and send a follow-up email that tempts them to return and complete their purchase.

  • Online business blog

Volusion also offers an online business blog to give you a low-cost way to build relationships with your customers, drive traffic to your website, and establish a better online presence. With the online blog, you can easily add fresh content to your site and provide new material for your customers to browse


Volusion makes it easy for your customers to purchase by accepting all major credit cards. You can effortlessly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Amex credit and debit cards from your customers with Volusion Payments.

You can even expand your site globally by accepting any type of currency. The taxes are calculated automatically using the location-based tax calculator.

With the secure and flexible payment options, you can collect funds from your customers through Credit Cards, Pay with Amazon, Stripe or your very own merchant account, such as  It also offers other convenient payment options like PayPal and Google Wallet. As the orders roll in, you can quickly process payments, update stock and manage your shipping options.

In case of any returns or refunds, the Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) tool allows you to process and track inventory with ease.

SEO Features

With a store built with volusion, your customers can easily find your site across all major search engines. The user-friendly CMS auto-generates your sitemap and creates rich snippets to provide relevant information to search engines and users. Plus, you can easily optimize your store for SEO with meta tags, image alt tags, semantic markup and more to boost rankings in major search engines, like Google. An editable robots.txt file is also available that you can use to prevent certain pages from being crawled, and even upload a custom 404 error page to direct users upon reaching a missing page.

Affordable SSL Certificates

Volusion e-commerce is quite a safe and secure platform when it comes to online shopping. It is a fully PCI/CISP certified hosting provider, meaning that their security infrastructure meets and exceeds stringent industry requirements.

To further ensure that your customers’ most important data travels safely across the information superhighway, you can get an SSL certificate to process orders. They offer highly secure, 128-bit encryption SSL certificates for a fraction of the price.

Fast and Reliable Platform

A blazing fast uptime speed is very important for the success of an e-commerce store. Therefore, Volusion e-commerce has partnered with Akamai to build a content delivery network (CDN) that leverages tens of thousands of servers across the globe to give your store a great uptime speed. They automatically back up all of your store’s information including products, orders and inventory to their data centers on a daily basis. The platform also gives you immediate access to all of the latest features and technologies added through automatic updates without any additional charges.

Help and Support

Volusion customer support team is quite efficient and provides a 24×7 live support. They also have a full team of in-house design and marketing experts that offer e-commerce services to better help you design and market your online store.

Volusion also gives you full access to hundreds of articles, webinars videos and how to resource guides, both online and in-product, to help you answer any questions about your online store DIY-style. Plus, a wide range of interactive, step-by-step training videos and tutorials are also available to help you build, manage and grow your e-commerce site.

Volusion Pricing

Volusion offers four different pricing plans which are as follows:

  • Mini Plan at $15/month
  • Plus Plan at $35/month
  • Pro Plan at $75/month
  • Premium Plan at $135/month

All plans come with free setup and unlimited storage. The cheapest plan (Mini) allows you to add 100 products to your store while the most expensive one (Premium) allows an unlimited number of products. While the cheapest plan only comes with 24/7 online support all other plans also offer phone support. Furthermore, if you pay up front for a full year you will also receive a 10% discount.


Volusion is a pretty good e-commerce store builder. They give you all the tools you need to build a functional store, without you having to worry about programming or any complicated technical tasks. If you are an online store with some developer resources, want a robust hosted platform to serve as your shopping cart, and want checkout to happen on your domain, Volusion is a great fit. However, the biggest drawback is the bandwidth limitations and that you never know how much more you have to pay if you exceed your bandwidth limits. We would recommend that your first give their 14-day free trial a spin, that way you can easily see if the features meet your needs.

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