WP EasyCart Shopping Cart Review

WP EasyCart is one of the newest e-commerce solutions available for WordPress. It is a simple shopping cart plugin that installs into new or existing WordPress blogs and websites. With this plugin in hand, you can quickly turn your WordPress site into a full-blown e-commerce platform, ready for selling products, digital content, promoting free content, and much more.  One of the benefits of using this platform is that all functionality is included in the one-time purchase price, such as coupon management, tiered pricing, and live shipping integrations. Other features of this plugin include things like integrated payment gateways of the most popular payment systems out there.

wp easycart reviews

Before we get down into the details of this plugin, let’s take a quick overview of its features.

  • Live Store Design Editor
  • Live Device Preview
  • Unlimited Products
  • Live Shipping (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Australia Post, Canada Post)
  • Live Credit Card Processing
  • Coupons and Promotions
  • Retail, Gift Card, Service, Download, Donation, and Subscription Products
  • Sales Tax, VAT, GST, and Duty tax options
  • Inquiry Product Option
  • Seasonal or Coming Soon Products


wp easycart review

Flexible Customization

WP EasyCart lets you quickly integrate a full WordPress e-commerce shopping system into your existing site and theme.  It is a responsive WordPress e-commerce shopping system that looks great on desktops and mobile devices and allows your merchandise to be displayed with beautiful product zoomers, multiple images, and option item swatches for greater customer experiences.

For better customization, the WP eCommerce Shopping Cart gives you an easy colorizing system to select colors on the go.  You can use the admin sidebar to choose from half a dozen pre-defined designs for your products.  You can enable quickview buttons, adjust colors, resize columns and images, and even choose from a dozen image rollover animation effects. It also offers advanced option management allowing combo boxes, image swatches, file uploads, text fields, textbox areas, grids, checkboxes, and radio groups.

If you are an advanced user and love the ability to develop using design folders and standard CSS to completely customize and adjust every aspect of the store, then WP EasyCart gives you complete control with custom CSS while still allowing for auto updates through WordPress.

You can also build or buy an EasyCart e-commerce theme for the store system and you can easily upload these as standard .ZIP theme packs to the EasyCart system.

Lots of useful Widgets

The WP EasyCart utilizes the module structure WordPress is famous for with lots of widgets such as newsletter signups, mini shopping carts, menu systems for your store, pricing filters, and more. All the product pages also feature a social sharing widget to help you maximize the social exposure of your products.

Better Inventory Control

WP EasyCart eCommerce offers full inventory controls allowing management of global quantities or option level quantities of each product. It can automatically track option inventory so you know how many different types of the same product you have in stock. You can select from check box group, radio group, combo box, swatches, file upload, text input, text area, or quantity grid.

Moreover, you can easily set the prices of products based on option pricing. You can create user roles such as wholesalers/retailers and allow customer accounts to display pricing accordingly.  This feature is great for B2B that need set pricing for some customers while still offering a full retail shop in one location.

Features for Products Layout

WP EasyCart lets you place your store in catalog mode or products in seasonal coming soon mode. It has several key shortcodes for products and menu categories allowing you to display individual products on pages as needed. Also, with features like quickview, your customers can add a product to their cart without having to go back to the actual storefront.

With WP EasyCart, you can also show products on an on-demand inquiry. These products will not be displayed on the regular storefront. You can enable this option in the dashboard so that customers can send inquiries.

Integration with DecoNetwork


DecoNetwork is an online designer, e-commerce platform and business tool for the printing, embroidery, and custom decoration industry. Using your DecoNetwork account, you can sell on your WordPress e-commerce website and customers can design their products using DecoNetwork customizer. All purchases are made on your EasyCart website for a simple, secure solution.

Membership or Subscription Products

EasyCart e-commerce lets you quickly create a subscription or membership product, customers sign up and manage online from their account.  You can Upgrade/Downgrade and cancel memberships on the fly.

Affiliate Marketing with AffiliateWP

With WP EasyCart, you can create affiliate rules and assign them to multiple products and/or multiple affiliates. When a product sells that should give commission, it is processed into the AffiliateWP system.

Products Suggestions

The WP e-commerce Shopping Cart lets you cross-sell products so customers can see important suggestions from you. You can also use the single or multiple product display widgets for key products so customers can access them from sidebars or footers at any time.

Promotions, Coupons, and Discounts

WP Easycart lets you run weekly promotions by giving discounts to customers or offer coupons to customers in email and social media that can boost sales. It offers an easy collection method for subscribers to your store and online news.  You can send quick email newsletters to your subscribers and boost sales. You can also offer tiered pricing so that customers who buy in bulk can receive pricing discounts.

Customer Review System

The WP e-commerce Shopping Cart offers a full 5-star customer review process.  Customers can leave detailed feedback, automatically giving customers the confidence to buy your products online. You can delete their reviews or can disable this option completely.

Admin Plugin for Better Management

WP EasyCart provides administrative software, so there is no need to use WordPress as a management system for your shopping cart. It comes with an included plugin administration console to allow access to vital order and store information all from within the WordPress administration web page.

Dedicated Desktop and Mobile App

With WP Easycart, you can seamlessly connect to your store from a PC or Mac using the fast and user-friendly dedicated desktop administrative console software. So there is no need to use the browser every time to control your store.

WP Shopping Cart also comes with interactive apps for iPad and Android tablets as well as popular phones.  You can simply download these apps from popular app stores and manage your store on the go.

Popular Extensions Support

WP EasyCart seamlessly integrates with many popular WordPress extensions. Some extensions are available for use absolutely free whereas the Premium users can utilize several third party extensions such as Stamps.com or Mandrill email to boost performance and offer additional features.

Google Analytics eCommerce Integration

You can track your visitors and website statistics down to the purchasing level with pre-integrated Google analytics code that captures every purchase, tracks visitor flows, and gives you insight into where those purchases came from.

Payment Methods

The WordPress Shopping Cart includes over a dozen live payment gateways including Stripe, Authorize.net, BrainTree, Chronopay, eWay, FirstData, GoeMerchant, Nets, Payment Express, PayPal Pro, PayPoint, Realex, SagePay, and SecurePay. PayPal FREE Standard edition, Skrill payments, Realex, and PaymentExpress are already integrated into the Lite and Full (Standard & Premium) versions giving you quick access to accept money from around the globe.

Unlike many shopping cart systems, you can also combine live payment gateways with 3rd party gateways and invoicing and let customers choose to pay by credit card on your site, or leave and pay with PayPal.

WP EasyCart also lets you easily accept online orders and give you control to invoice or bill customers, offer direct deposit information, or simply addresses to send manual payments to you.

Integration with Stripe

WP EasyCart is seamlessly integrated with Stripe which is a popular payment processor that offers low rates, no monthly fees and has a great subscription service integration with WP EasyCart. So you can accept live payments on your site and subscription or memberships as well! Stripe automatically handles currency conversions and works with 139 currencies from around the world. So it’s great for international users wanting to accept cards directly on your website.

Shipping Options

WP EasyCart lets you build custom tiered pricing, weight, quantity, or percentage based shipping tables with triggers and set rates for those triggers based on your specific criteria.

You can combine live shipping rates from popular carriers (including UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post and Australia Post Live Shipping) to give rates to online shoppers. So your customers can estimate shipping prior to checkout.

The WP EasyCart also offers simple static method shipping so you can build your own shipping method and give a price. You can use live rates, price, static, quantity, percentage, or weight based shipping within zones based on countries, or countries and states.

Flexible Taxes for States & Countries

WP EasyCart offers the ability to build a state taxable table structure and/or tax by country.  Each product can be taxed or excluded as needed. International customers love the flexible full country VAT system and Duty systems that let you control taxes for popular European and Australian markets.

Moreover, Integration with TaxCloud lets you get taxes based on customer locations. EasyCart will lookup the correct tax information based on the customers address information and you can ensure taxes are calculated correctly.

Help and Support

A dedicated EasyCart community forum is available where you can have professionals from all over the world answer questions.  Also, you can access the video tutorials for professional led instructional lessons where the EasyCart staff walks you through many features of the software, its sample products, customization, and the store configuration.

Premium subscription members get Premium Live Chats with EasyCart staff to have their questions answered or get small technical issues resolved. Moreover, the WP EasyCart support tickets are available to members and qualified users to submit 24/7 and with amazingly fast turnaround times.  Most responses are answered within 24 hours.


You can get the WP EasyCart free plugin from the WordPress.org repository, which lets you set up store options. However, you’ll also need to download a store Administration plugin to add or manage products or orders. This plugin is also free but requires a sign-up to use the 14-day free trial or a license to use all features. The trial allows you to take the platform for a test drive. If you find out that you like using WP EasyCart, then you can sign up for a $50, $80 or $180 license (Lite, Standard or Premium) for the plugin. The license is a one-time purchase and you can easily upgrade to a higher license by paying the price difference and enjoy more features. WP EasyCart also offers a 14-day money back guarantee so there is no risk in trying this plugin out.


The WP EasyCart is a good all-round choice, to build an e-commerce store, with lots of great features and a few cons.  All functionality, such as payment and shipping integrations, is included in the purchase price of the plugin, which makes it a strong contender for retail stores and a low-cost option. However, drawbacks like lack of bulk management for product and orders limits the scalability of WP EasyCart that needs to be addressed. In short, if you are considering making an online store with a small budget, then WP EasyCart is a strong candidate to consider.

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